Technology made alternative travelers more demanding. Traditional crowded vacations is not what they are looking for… 

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The new era in alternative traveling has come

A decade ago, the travel industry has undergone unexpected changes. With the technological progress breaking through, the touristic guides and magazine reviews sank into the past. Suddenly, everything has been placed at the distance of a click on your computer or smartphone.

The new era brought new horizons to the travel planners. People no longer wanted traditional vacations, with all-inclusive medium quality hotel and seaside beach. People no longer wanted long queues to all so touristic places that have never been focused on them as individuals.

People now wanted tailored to their interests and needs active travelling and physical activity. Getting back in touch with nature and escape the trappings of the materialistic world, they craved for a relevant, personal and exclusive experience.

Alongside, physical activity becomes the new religion, involving healthy lifestyle and hiking in a natural environment, discovering top-of-the-range heritage routes, and connecting to local customs and traditions.


The new individualistic approach in alternative tourism

The new travelling shuffles and puts people from different geographical background together. Travelers look for diversity, expansion of their own worldview, thus they join the teams based on shared interests. That leaves space for openness, easier bonding, and fun while on the Journey.

Discovering peers with the same thirst for active lifestyle leads to personal transformation. People live the experience, move on, and share the stories.

Storytelling, first art created by humanity, is enhanced now through active alternative tourism, converting experiences into blogs, books, and stories worldwide.

Alternative destinations change too. Mountainous regions, isolated routes and less touristic paths fill in the traveler’s lists.

Travel agencies that adapt to the needs of the travelers, seeking intuitively to bring them individualistic approach win the quest.

Luxurious alternative tourism engages travelers into offered exclusivity in organised activities in the middle of nature, traditional housing and authentic gastronomy in locations that reflect the cultural heritage of visited countries.

Alternative travelers seek connecting their specific interests, previous experiences and thirst for novelty with the new trips.

They choose to spend their money on transformational experiences rather than materialistic goods. This entirely changes the key through which previous travelling has been regarded and allows a new chapter of luxury travel to open.

It is no longer easy to impress alternative tourists, who have travelled to many exotic destinations. But the value of offering them tradition and authenticity mixed with physical and creative activities that help them go through the transformational experience is something worth offering.

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