Are you fed up with having the same vacations over and over again? You may have been around some cities in Europe… Or you probably have tried one or two cruises. But nowadays, you think that the time has come to try something completely different… Well, that is indeed good news for you! We are offering unique cultural trips in mainland Greece and some of them in Northern Greece – a land that has been overlooked despite its amazing natural beauty.

So what do these cultural trips consist of?

If you take a look at our available cultural tours, you will see that the cultural trips we are promoting consist mainly of two ingredients:

  • City walks in Thessaloniki, Athens or Ioannina
  • Archaeological tours to see important sights of the past.

Where do the city walks take place?

Expect to visit places in Thessaloniki, Athens and Ioannina (depending on the tour). There you will most certainly see the places which mass tourism has neglected. Additionally, as part of these cultural trips, local guides will take you to some of the best traditional tavernas you can find in the city. It seems like mass tourism has not yet discovered many of these places that we will visit. What a blessing for us! We will also do some sight-seeing in the cities in order to see the most impressive sites.

As an example, Thessaloniki has many UNESCO world heritage sites including many Byzantine churches. This is due to the fact that it has been an important artistic centre throughout the Byzantine period. Wall painting ensembles, mosaics and frescoes, represent some of the major artistic trends. Moreover, we will visit many of the cities’ overlooked and out of the way churches, monasteries, monuments, museums etc.

Where do the archaeological tours that are part of the cultural trips take place?

Many sites we will visit are part of the glorious ancient Greek era with its unique temples and theatres. Others are part of the Byzantine era of Greece with monasteries and other important monuments.

If you take a look at our blue trip, for example, you will see that there is a visit to the monasteries of the Meteora region and the town of Vergina. Both sites have important archaeological sites that we will visit. Consequently, by visiting them you will get a sense of the important spiritual and cultural qualities of the place.

Is culture the only thing we can expect to gain from cultural trips?

We try to provide a unique experience that combines many different tastes. This will keep your energy levels up for the whole duration of the journey. In addition to that, we do not believe in providing only one type of activities during the trips we organise. So you can expect to have a hiking experience in one or more selected areas of exquisite natural beauty in Greece. Examples of such hiking paths include the Enipeas and the Vikos Gorge. As part of the cultural trips, we will have some food tasting in the most representative restaurants. These have a tradition of providing food and services of high quality.

Finally, you will meet other interesting people! We aspire to create emotional experiences that will bring people together. Interactive elements will be a great part of our trips. You will get to know other people from around the world and interact with them in unique experiential ways.

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