Why is Thessaloniki one of the best places to go on holiday?


Do you know that there is currently a great buzz around Thessaloniki? That’s because experts consistently refer to the city as one of the best places to go on holiday… And justifiably so! It is an amazing city with aesthetically superb restaurants and cafes. It also has beautiful vistas and a vibrant art and cultural scene. Historically, Thessaloniki is one of the oldest Greek cities. Parts of the city’s history connects us with Byzantine, Ottoman and Sephardic Jewish legacies.


So are there any must places that I need to visit while I am in Thessaloniki?

What makes Thessaloniki one of the best places to go on holiday is the fact that it has many sights you can visit. For example, the White Tower is the emblematic building Thessaloniki is known for. Many Byzantine churches and monasteries can be found within the city. For example, the Acheiropoietos Church dates back to the 5th century (whose name is connected with a picture of the Virgin Mary that is “not made by human hands”). Others include the Vlatadon Monastery and the church of Agios Dimitrios who is the patron saint of the city.

Make sure you also walk along the Nea Paralia (new seafront). Local authorities have recently redesigned the seafront to offer a nice opportunity for a city walk. And don’t forget the Heptapyrgion area or Kastra. It offers some breathtaking vistas.

Thessaloniki offers amazing routes to walk seeing also early Christian and Byzantine buildings and monuments. It is interesting to know that there are 15 World Heritage Sites in the city as UNESCO declared in 1988.


Other reasons besides sight-seeing for visiting Thessaloniki?

Many museums offer significant cultural experiences. Some of them are the Archaeological Museum, the Byzantine Museum and the State Museum of Contemporary Art. The state museum of contemporary art has an amazing collection of Russian Avant-Garde paintings. It is the home of the famous Kostakis collection. The museum sends its collection exhibits to MoMA and Tate Modern!

If you need a short guide with the main sights and other suggestions, you can check the recent (Aug. 23rd 2018) New York Times’ article on Thessaloniki. This article pays tribute to the city’s “multilayered past” in many ways. And even amidst the crisis, the city bloomed artistically as explained in another 2011 article of the New York Times.

Remember that the blue program (Tour 1) and the green program (Tour 2) offer Thessaloniki as a destination. And you can always contact us for questions regarding Thessaloniki and our programs!


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