Diversification with blended physical activities and emotional actions. This is the authentic recipe that makes Emotional travel so unique. 

The new age brings forward a new tint of feelings regarding the alternative luxurious travel. While the traditional monotone vacationing is no longer a thing, you discover people packing and going for active travelling.

New priorities include marvellously blended physical activities and emotional actions. Travelers look for diversity in everything: they join multicultural teams, go for less accessed destinations, choose elegant accommodation with local architectural designs, prefer authentic gastronomy and want emotional enrichment.

Now, think of a Journey that would be an ultra-all-inclusive, tailored to your interests, bringing you into remote places; leading you to most ancient cultural and historical spots; transforming all of your senses into emotions through guided emotional activities.

Think of traditional housing where you can rest after daily walks to the best local restaurants, where you can enjoy traditional gastronomy.

No, this is not plain imagination.

Emotional Travel team provides you with an end to end experience the moment you arrive in Greece to the moment the plane takes you back to your reality.

Together with carefully selected tourism associates and certified guides it became possible to expand our services and offer our Travelers exclusive activities that would boost the travel experience and offer a unique Journey that has no precedent.


What does Emotional Travel Team do?

We create a multicultural environment where you meet, get to know each other, befriend and share your experiences with people from different backgrounds, countries, cultures, visions.

Together, we are offering YOU a blend of activities that also involves emotional travel of your senses.

Among the blend we offer, are the cultural tours with selected guides, hiking tours into heritage routs with our certified hiking guides.

Also you can enjoy music live events lead by our artistic director,  who aims to guide you into the incomparable beauty of Greek nature’s scenic scenery, using scenarios inspired from the rich Greek mythology, history and traditions of the places we visit, making you a protagonist in this exciting journey.

You will get to participate in Greek traditional cuisine culinary courses in real Greek households, and you will be invited to attend agritourism activities to try your hands in traditional crafts workshops.

Among others you will be able to collect your own ‘herbarium book’ guided by the experienced herbalists, picking up plants, herbs, leaves, tea thriving in the Greek land, so that you can use it in gastronomy and tea afterwards.

Combined with impeccable accommodation and carefully picked up places where you’ll taste divine Greek food, these activities aim to put you on a voyage of discovering yourself through getting to know others, enjoying the activities, traveling to inspire together, marking your travel not just a destination, but the Journey itself.


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