In the evolving luxury alternative traveling the focus is placed on The Customer. 

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Luxury from past to future

Luxury itself, as a notion, reflects people’s desire to attach meanings to comfort and status, not overlooking the role of pleasure, even though the latter can be very subjective.

With the changing from material to spiritual stream lately, luxury maintained its place as something not every person can have, but so many tend to reach. It still increasingly bonds up with high-class experiences given that people long for visual and aesthetic beauty.

Luxury travelling has always been focused on reaching and offering ultra-all-inclusive services to particular group of travelers. However, with the materialistic value change, a new need has evolved while organising luxury travels: the need to offer an authentic, genuine and unique experience. This implies that understanding customers as individuals become a key requirement.


The new chapter of luxury alternative travelling 

In the evolving luxury alternative travelling the focus is placed on The Customer, suggesting him/her to undertake the Experience: a transformational Journey that would bring travelers closer to themselves.

It crosscuts the old style of offering pompous expensive services; it gives place to something completely different. It’s a unique planning and delivering of the trip based on understanding each customer as an individual.

It’s tracking their interests to the smallest details and offering them activities that would be authentic and meaningful. It’s intuitively adapting to their personal needs, bringing up a team that would curate them throughout the journey.

It’s offering them authentic and top accommodation. It is selling luxury travel as something unique, impressive, and fulfilling, tailored to each customer’s expectations. 

Among activities that would be tailor-made to each customer, based on their interests, travelers’ ambitions are to discover the top heritage routes, nature’s remote places that would form connections and regenerate energy; meet local customs, trying local traditional gastronomy; art and culture sightseeing.

Luxury slightly changes in terms of materialism: it is no longer about just staying in a 5-star hotel with a view. Instead, it is staying in authentically local housing designed after local traditions as top accommodation.

It is not just dining in the hotel. Instead, it is going to the best gastronomic places where the traveler can feel the taste of natural and home-made products.

It is not staying in huge lines to see a monument; rather it is taking a guided journey in the mountainous villages of Zagorohoria for a few days. Thus, it turns into an outmost experience that would definitely trigger change and a better understanding of a self instead. This way, luxury becomes knowing oneself better through a Journey with the utmost resources put forward.

Offering a luxurious alternative travel is a new relationship that occurs between agencies and customers. It surely involves a peculiar knowledge about the Customer and awareness about how to strike the emotional chord that would make the click happen. This involves a specific bond between agency workers and travelers, and that creates the missing key to the improved collaboration and successful result between the two.

Curating something that appeals to the Traveler on a specific, personal level beyond any usual norm is the key to the next chapter of luxury travel.

“Luxury means to have the experience of a native. Neither marbles, nor golden furniture or fine interior. Luxury client has all that at home. What he does not have is the authentic Greek hospitality. A smile. Meet a local man, learn about  his village or what his mother is cooking. Experience simple things that really make him happy. Things that are hard to find in his own country, in the urban environment where he lives … ”
Achilles Dorotheou- Costa Navarino General Director




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