Travel responsibilities

Tourism in Greece and Responsible travel

Although tourism in Greece can be a great form of wealth distribution, often as little as 5-10% of the money tourists spend remains in the destinations they visit.

The Greek tourism sector attracts increased investment in airports, airlines, railways, ports, hotels and tourist attractions, particularly to metropolitan areas, cultural and natural heritage sites, and other attractive locations and landscapes.

This can be good for short-term economic development, but bad for local residents, when tourism development is poorly executed.

Historically, local and indigenous people are displaced or forced to relocate when new national parks or heritage sites are established.

Companies, destinations, and travellers need to be more aware of and held accountable for their impact. They all have an important role to play to ensure that tourism lives up to its promise, to improve people’s livelihoods and protect the environments they depend upon.


Our Responsibilities

Emotional Travel uses tourism as a vehicle for social, environmental, and economic advancement. We promote responsible sustainable travel in Greece.

By booking your holidays with us, you contribute to local prosperity and social equity, since we are a native Greek travel agency which:

  • Hires only local staff
  • Rewards them with extra benefits according to their performance (your ratings)
  • Provides them with the best working conditions
  • Partners with local businesses boosting local economic activity
  • Sponsors local events
  • Implement policies and practices to minimize our environmental footprint


Travelers responsibilities

Traveling comes with responsibilities as well. So, before booking with Emotional Travel, make sure you agree with the following:

  • Your travel ‘footprint’ will be as light as possible
  • You are committed to show respect to the local environment, culture and traditions.
  • Be punctual to the time schedule provided by our team leaders