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With the rise of alternative traveling destinations that swept aside traditional vacations that served no more the curiosity of the human mind, people started to seek Journeys that would fill their thirst for life with active travelling.

The latter, besides active walking and expansion of physical boundaries, meant also expanding emotional boundaries.

Any active traveling consists of a few important elements: ‘where’, ‘when’ and with ‘whom’. All of them matter equally, creating a fulfilling Journey.

The ‘where’ brings travelers to physical destinations, getting them in contact with the historical and archaeological gems that uncover people’s passions and past.

The ‘when’ is valuable, since it reflects the seasonal changes of specific destinations, plentifully gifted with colors and aroma.

It’s the with ‘whom’ element that makes the journey rewarding, expanding those emotional boundaries, happening only when you share common experiences with others.

Alternative destinations rank as highly advantageous because they offer unlimited paths during the Journey and put together people of different nationalities, religions and cultures, for whom traveling means connecting to others, to the nature and to themselves.

As a result, experiencing together unknown destinations enhances people’s emotional experiences, uncover their stories, backgrounds, create bonding and allow space for creativity.

Emotional Travel has been closely working with exceptional associates and certified guides who made it possible to expand services and offer exclusive activities for this specific reason.

Travelers’ creativity would be enhanced through participation in local events with:

live music and traditions;taken to agri-tourist places where you would be able to experience traditional crafting;invited to attend Greek traditional cuisine culinary courses and create your own herbarium book of Greek flora guided by experienced herbalists, along with discovering hiking routes and go for cultural tours.

All these are offered by alternative traveling, where people join together to expand their emotional boundaries and reach transformation.

This might seem both challenging and out of comfort zone initially. Shuffled together on an extended Journey, people from different geographical and cultural background will share their walking paths, meals, excitements and boosting energy.

They will face cultural diversity, discovering peers from other cultural backgrounds, with other viewpoints, other professed religions, other professions.

Thus, the trips are no longer about the travel itself, it’s about how you change, transform, become richer in experiences after meeting others, after sharing with them your ‘bread and water’, gather up stories to tell, which you never thought they existed before.

Going aboard in a Journey amid a multinational environment, with a diverse background of culture, traditions, customs, and religion empowers you to reach to a new self, giving you a glimpse of yourself through your fellow traveler’s eyes.


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