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Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece. It is regarded as the land of ancient Greek gods and the site of the throne of Zeus.

A divine landmark, the symbol for all humanity, will reveal its secrets only to those who know where to look.

Our experts are there to make sure you will not miss anything worth seeing,  while walking through thousands of years of history.

The mountain is rich in tree and plant life, supporting over 1700 species, some very rare.


Meteora is an UNESCO World Heritage site. A place no one should miss.

Built on almost inaccessible sandstone peaks by monks in the late 14th century, Meteora spreads in an austere scenery of awe.

The dark rocks of Meteora harbor the dialectical spirituality of human understanding with divine transcendence.

Lake Plastira

The clear, uncorrupted landscapes and the mountainous surroundings in Plastira’s lake can better be described as an ode to freedom that nature’s wildness openly gives us.

The unmistakable feeling of joy that offers such a pure and privileged environment is a gift of no exchange.


Walking in Pelion is an unforgettable experience for every motivated traveller.

The Centaurs land, Pelion, lays where sea, forest and mountain coexist in harmonic combination with the mythical presence of ethereal creatures of fantasy.

Its intensely rich variety in biodiversity will be explained by our specialists.

The picturesque villages spread inside the dense forestial landscape are the “fingerprints” of human presence synchronised in the wheels of harmony of an evergreen nature.

Zagori area

In Zagori, the eternal serenity of the mountain provides its unique allure. The mountain is standing proud forever, wild and full of colors, reaching out to the heavens.

It is always there waiting for us to deliver its deepest secrets.

Vikos gorge

to Guinness Book, Vikos gorge is the deepest gorge in the world.

of Pindus mountains, it spreads for 20 km in Northern Greece, lays in the heart of of Vikos-Aoos National Park, a UN World Heritage.

presents a diverse relief with massive rocky cliffs, steep slopes and abrupt altitudinal changes, carved for ages to its present shape by the Voidomatis River, making it a fantastic natural monument.

geological isolation left the wildlife come with rare species of plants, birds, serpents and amphibians, uniquely from  Epirus.

12 km hike with three various routes is available for tourists who want to enjoy a truly exceptional experience.

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