Greek meze is small tapas dishes that are usually accompanied by a strong alcoholic drink called tsipouro. In Volos, the meze is just perfect!


One of the most beloved cuisines in the world is the Greek cuisine. Thinking about Greek food, you can’t avoid thinking about Greek food in Volos. It is the most amazing place in mainland Greece where you can visit some of the most lovely places for food and to try the Greek meze. The food is one of a kind. And you eat the meze while drinking the Greek tsipouro. Tsipouro is a special product of Greece which has a long history.

What is the Greek meze?

It is basically small tapas dishes that are accompanied by a strong alcoholic drink (usually tsipouro or ouzo). You can have meze with other alcoholic beverages, but the most popular (at least in Volos city) is tsipouro. It can blow your mind with its approximately 45 per cent alcohol!

What does the typical Greek meze consist of?

The typical Greek meze in Volos comprises of delicacies such as the following:

  • Melitzanosalata (which is something like aubergine dip usually with garlic and olive oil)
  • Dolmadakia (rice-stuffed grape leaves)
  • Kolokythokeftedes (zucchini fritters)
  • Grilled sardines.

Other delicacies are also available varying on the place you are visiting. Several contemporary places offer modernised versions of the Greek meze and they are the perfect locations for our gastronomical tours.

What is Tsipouro? And how does it combine with the Greek meze?

Tsipouro is made exclusively with grape distillation. Greek producers of tsipouro use the mashed peels of the grapes as a base for the tsipouro. They then leave them to ferment for a month. The grapes are then distilled in special cauldrons. The end product reaches a 40-45 per cent alcohol content. Tsipouro can have anise in it (with its characteristic sweet smell) or not. If it has anise in it, it becomes whiteish when adding ice.

Since tsipouro is such a strong drink, you need to eat meze at the same time so as not to get drunk. Greeks love to drink, eat and hold a heated conversation at the same time! Join the locals in your experience in Volos!


At the end of the day… Fear not – it will have enough meze (and tsipouro) for everyone! Book your place now in the green program or the purple one and prepare to indulge and delight your senses.


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