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Greece’s unique climate conditions, fertile soil, crystal waters of the Aegean Sea and the sun’s omnipresent touch, offer both to farming produce and wild natural products a superior and sensational savor.

Thousands of years of cooking tradition are combined with the primordial joy for original taste and wellbeing.

The philosophy of a good life is written in the old recipes and spirits. From a simple meze to the most sophisticated menu, the notion of eating properly adds decisive credit to the art of living.

The Mediterranean diet  is a pyramid of accumulated knowledge built upon concerns about healthy and tasteful results.

The basic products of this diet are a plethora of fruits and vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, wine, cereals, aromatic herbs and spices, fish, goat’s and sheep’s cheese, yogurt and less frequent chicken and red meat.

The idea of slow food, good mood and nice company during meals stands since antiquity.

Epicurus the Greek philosopher of human flourishing and prosperity stated that it is not only important what you eat but with whom as well!

Enjoy a delicious meal in a friendly atmosphere sharing news, experiences and ideas.


To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.

François de La Rochefoucauld


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