How the idea of “Emotional Travel” came to be and why is unique

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How Emotional Travel was born

Working for many years as a CFO in one of the largest hotels in Greece specializing in luxury mass tourism (Sani Resort), endowed me with a great deal of knowledge.

This knowledge is about “what luxury really means” and “how luxury and quality should be delivered”. The focus of delivering luxury for clients has always been on paying attention to detail, privacy, elegance, quality, authenticity, inspiration, credibility and professionalism.

Simultaneously, I discovered mainland Greece through participating in alternative travel trips which are organized by Trace Your Eco. These travels revealed to my very eyes the hidden and often underestimated gems; authentic Greek places and the Greek experience.

Both concepts of “luxury service” and “alternative travel” were combined with the network of experienced and talented partners with whom I collaborated over the years.

All these are the precious and necessary components comprising the idea of “Emotional Travel”. This idea is defined as a hard to find travel experience which is of a high standard and integrates the emotional part of the experience into its core.


Emotional Travel: a clear novel idea

Up to now and until the idea of “emotional travel”, luxury and adventurous travel activities have been thought of as mutually exclusive.

You could not have both in your travel itinerary. Luxury is usually reserved for tourists who stay at the same place for days in an all-inclusive deal within an artificial environment.

However, travelers who like experimenting with more adventurous activities have been deprived from the choice of taking a luxurious holiday.

During the last few years, adventurous activities seem to gain momentum for the greater masses. Alternative traveling inherently includes adventurous activities, like for example hiking in nature, and walking from one place to another.  We consider these activities closer to the real meaning of a journey and life in general.

After all “life is a journey and not a guided tour”! We also integrate cultural activities, like performances and visual arts in the overall experience which are offered hand in hand with elegant hospitality and sensuous gastronomy. All these are created in such a way so as to provide an overall experience of high quality which combines all the senses.


Emotional Travel: the content

We offer four unique “ten-day point-to-point” tours to the most attractive places of mainland Greece. Each tour runs twice a year, in spring and in fall, which are the most stunning and serene periods of the year and are not crowded.

Tours are run far away from the “mass tourism footprint” and travel packages are organized to connect a multicultural small group of co-travelers from around the world, in a unique blend of “hiking tours“, “archeology tours“, “walking tours“, “cultural tours”, “gastronomy tours“, “emotional tours” and “elegant accommodation” of the highest standards.


Emotional Travel: the goal

We address our tours to those who long for combining “hiking with luxury”, “arts with wellbeing activities”, “Greek authentic cuisine with customs and tradition“, and many more.

Our tours are carried out into the striking scenery of Greek nature, traditional villages and historical sites, and are infused with emotional activities aiming to transform your travel experience into emotions that you will remember with fondness as long as you live.

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