We activate your emotions

In Emotional Travel we strongly support the virtue of Arts and interactive activities as decisive factors in gaining the desirable self-development that every conscious traveler nowadays would wish for.

By actively participating in our activities, our guests are able to understand better the way indigenous people have adapted their lives in the particular geographical morphology and microclimate of the area we visit.

Our guests will be able to understand how locals created and evolved their tradition, art, culture, customs, cuisine, relaxation practices and of course their festivities.

We consider local features as key elements in conceiving the journey in the most sentimental and essential mode.

In light of the above, meticulously we have planned activities, being taken place throughout the journey, under the guidance of our Artistic director.

Activities are designed, according to the composition of the group, in which you are being set as the protagonists. These activities include:  

Performing arts

The Classical period of performing art began in Greece in the 6th century BC, ushered in by the tragic poets. The performing arts can help explain our emotions, expressions, and feelings

  • Theatre, dance, ballet, opera and musical recitals, (upon request, cost not included)
  • Role-playing, improvisational theatre
  • Recitation, storytelling, poetry reading

Visual arts

Visual arts are driven by the aesthetic and emotional imperative to make meaning, to say something, to represent what matters. Visual arts are a vehicle through which people perceive the complexities of life and make connections between themselves and others. Visual arts provide a common thread of understanding across generations. In short, visual arts describe, define, and deepen human experience in ways that are both personal and global, real and magical

  • Visit art – picture galleries
  • Photo-walks
  • Sessions by experienced herbalists, regarding flora (herbs, leaves, tea) thriving in the Greek land, being picked by you during hiking, furthermore using them to create your own wreath or herbarium, memento from your journey

Agritourism activities

Agritourism activities harmonise our life with Nature, preserve cultural and historic heritage of rural areas, assure sustainable growth of the natural, and environmental assets of the land and the people working on it, offers authenticity, fun, values, relationships, learning, and involvement to visitors and encourage an ecological journey

  • Visit working farms, providing a “hands on experience” in planting, harvesting or animal caring, feeding, milking
  • Participation in cookery lessons on making bread, cheese, butter, frumenty, pasta, marmalade, spoon sweets from fruits, herb and cheese pie, tzatziki and eggplant salad, and many more, immersing our visitors in the heritage of the local culture
  • Visit in vineyards and wineries, including wine tasting
  • Horseback trail riding
  • Boating in a lake and many more

Well-being activities

Indulge yourself in the crystal clear, warm, mineral-rich waters of Byzantine baths, known since the time of Constantine the Great, where the emperor and his mother, Saint Helen, were bathed in the curative properties of its springs to heal. Relax yourself in the therapeutic benefits of the sanative springs and retrace back to the memories from the journey.

  • Bath in Byzantine sanative springs
  • Massage (upon request, cost not included)

Traditional - cultural events

Greek religious, national and cultural festivities are all part of the Greek culture, observed since Homer’s day. Immerse into deep-rooted rituals, adorned with folk music, frenzied dance, authentic cuisine and local costumes, emanating deep inside from our tribes’ traditions, all over the continental Greece

  • Participation in local cultural – national – religious – culinary – music fetes, (e.g. panagiri), taking place in the localities we visit.

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