What the “emotional tours” consist of

Emotional tours: actions and activities

Our travel packages offer “emotional tours”. This is one of our main competitive advantages where we transform the totality of a tour into emotionally rich experiences.

Emotional tours consist of activities which include the performing arts, visual arts, agritourism activities, wellbeing activities and joining local religious and cultural events.


Emotional tours: arts contribution

It is well known that art in any form has the emotional power to extract hidden feelings and helps to make things be conceived as more aesthetic.

It also distracts our attention from the often unpleasant everyday routine, offering therefore tranquility and the possibility of self-exploration.

Travel aspires to do exactly the same, rendering it inextricably linked to the arts. We have selected activities carefully in order to enrich travel experiences and can contain any kind of the performing arts.


Performing arts

For example, you may experience at selected sites throughout the journey and depending on the schedule, any combination of the following:

  • private live music events
  • storytelling activities
  • accompaniment of a musical instrument
  • watching theatrical or dance performances
  • taking part in role-playing sessions under the direction and supervision of our experienced artistic director.

These experiences offer emotional expression in the most genuine and gracious way.


Visual arts

Furthermore, emotional tours include the visual arts by visiting exhibitions of art galleries, such as painting, photography and sculpture, (museums are part of our archeology tours) and art crafts studios, like pottery labs, silversmith’s workshops, wood sculpture studios, and many more.


Emotional tours: rest activities

Agritourism activities constitute an integral part of the emotional tours, where we visit wineries and agritourism farms.

There, our visitors can for example learn firsthand the traditional woven art, participate in kneading dough or baking bread in a traditional wood oven, ride horses in forest lakeside paths, collect fruit and vegetables or even feed and milk animals in the farm, thus assimilating Greek customs and traditional cuisine in its most authentic and experiential form.

Last but not least, our visitors join in the famous Greek religious and cultural events, which take place throughout the year all over Greece.

Nobody can resist dancing and drinking with the locals, in these Dionysian ceremonies, which have their origins in ancient times.

We combine skillfully all previously mentioned activities along with wellbeing ones, such as:

  • bathing in thermal healing byzantine springs
  • “hiking tours” in nature
  • “walking tours” in natural environments or in cities, and
  • “archaeology tours” in museums and archeological sites.

Emotional tours: conclusion

Thus, emotional tours, by providing a unique, interactive and emotionally rich experience, succeed in converting your journey into a real exciting adventure, which you will never forget.

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