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We’ve separated our cultural tours in two activities in order for you to have an authentic taste of  Greek history and modern culture. Walking tours and Archaeological Tours.

Walking Tours

Walking is the best way to explore the world and see what’s out there.

In Emotional Travel’s city walks, getting to know the Greek urban environment with the guidance of locals during spring or autumn, is the key to an authentic and unique travel experience.

Visitors will be delighted to discover the mystifying hidden sides of historic and modern cities.

The intense contrast between the Greek city’s modern, vibrant landscape and the ancient monuments of its glorious past, makes it a must-see for the historically and culturally curious.


Thessaloniki’s long history can be imagined as a multi-layered mosaic floor, where its deepest secrets are waiting patiently to be revealed and deciphered one by one by any observer that focuses with the suitable lens.

The intense contrast between the city’s modern, vibrant landscape and the ancient monuments of its glorious past makes it a must-see for the historically and culturally curious.


The city of Athens is not only the historic capital of European thought, but also a universal symbol of humankind’s achievements in cultural and artistic expression.

Wisdom and power were both crucial components of Athens’ exceptional reputation in the ancient world.

Today, the modern city of Athens struggles with austerity measures and urban dissonance to take back its lost balance in moderation and reason.


Ioannina, the capital city of western Greece, introduces us to an unexpected amalgam of sweet melancholy and nostalgic feelings.

Walking around the narrow streets of the old town in search of tiny miracles, we reach the castle.

At the edge of the old tower we may encounter a nymph that holds a crystal ball, mysticism enrapturing the passengers in the foggy scenery.

The boat full of rumours is now ready to sail toward the island of passion and blood.

The moon pales in the misty night waters, leaving beside us the romantic backdrop of Pamvotis Lake.

Archaeological Tours

Visiting the archaeological sites gives us the opportunity to rethink notions, ideas and values, such as wealth and power, the eternal and the ephemeral, in our quest to better understand the world.

Greece has preserved its art and architecture over a period of some 4.000 years. The country hosts more ancient sites than any other country in Europe.

The heritage remains remarkably accessible and is part of modern Greece’s modern life.


Delphi, one of the major epicentres of the Greek classical culture, was also known as the “navel of the earth”.

Delphi was metaphysically seen as the reproductive matrix of our civilisation and was later allegorised as Mother Earth that directly is linked to her children.

Home to all of us, as Humans On Mother Earth.


Meteora is an UNESCO World Heritage site that harbors the dialectical spirituality of human understanding with religious transcendence.

We will meet a complex of rocks that seem to hang in the sky. Scientists date these strange formations to 60 million years ago.

Christian ascetics started to gather in Meteora between the 9th and 11th century.

In the 12th century, the first church was built at the base of one of the formations. Monasteries kept flourishing until the 16th century.

Today, there are six still-active mountaintop monasteries at Meteora.


Vergina was an unknown village of northern Greece until 1977, when one of the most pivotal archaeological findings of the twentieth century changed its fate forever.

The royal tombs of the Great Tumulus of Vergina and the unsolved mystery surrounding King Philip II’s tomb give us the opportunity to rethink. 

Notions, ideas and values, such as wealth and power are reconsidered, in the quest to better understand the world.


In the spectacular natural landscape of Dion archaeological park, spring waters flow among ancient temples and theatres just at the foot of Mount Olympus’ divine glory. 

Here, visitors will have the chance to find ancient frescos, marble temples, crusader castles, byzantine churches, icons and mosaics.

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