Multinational groups & how they benefit your travel experience

multinational alternative traveler.emotional travel

Multinational groups expand your travel experience. Here is how… With the rise of alternative traveling destinations that swept aside traditional vacations that served no more the curiosity of the human mind, people started to seek Journeys that would fill their thirst for life with active travelling. The latter, besides active walking and expansion of physical […]

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The value of blended activities in Emotional travel tours

Emotional tour. emotional travel

Diversification with blended physical activities and emotional actions. This is the authentic recipe that makes Emotional travel so unique.  The new age brings forward a new tint of feelings regarding the alternative luxurious travel. While the traditional monotone vacationing is no longer a thing, you discover people packing and going for active travelling. New priorities […]

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What the alternative traveler is currently looking for

alternative traveler. emotional travel

Technology made alternative travelers more demanding. Traditional crowded vacations is not what they are looking for…  The new era in alternative traveling has come A decade ago, the travel industry has undergone unexpected changes. With the technological progress breaking through, the touristic guides and magazine reviews sank into the past. Suddenly, everything has been placed […]

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The meaning of luxury in alternative travelling

Luxury travelling.emotional travel

In the evolving luxury alternative traveling the focus is placed on The Customer.  Luxury from past to future Luxury itself, as a notion, reflects people’s desire to attach meanings to comfort and status, not overlooking the role of pleasure, even though the latter can be very subjective. With the changing from material to spiritual stream […]

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