Thessaloniki – one of the best places to go on holiday

Why is Thessaloniki one of the best places to go on holiday?   Do you know that there is currently a great buzz around Thessaloniki? That’s because experts consistently refer to the city as one of the best places to go on holiday… And justifiably so! It is an amazing city with aesthetically superb restaurants […]

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Greek food in Volos: try the Greek meze and tsipouro

Greek meze is small tapas dishes that are usually accompanied by a strong alcoholic drink called tsipouro. In Volos, the meze is just perfect!   One of the most beloved cuisines in the world is the Greek cuisine. Thinking about Greek food, you can’t avoid thinking about Greek food in Volos. It is the most amazing […]

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Unique cultural trips in Greece – Exciting cultural experiences

Are you fed up with having the same vacations over and over again? You may have been around some cities in Europe… Or you probably have tried one or two cruises. But nowadays, you think that the time has come to try something completely different… Well, that is indeed good news for you! We are […]

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Emotional tours: actions and activities

Thessaloniki umbrellas

What the “emotional tours” consist of Our travel packages offer “emotional tours”. This is one of our main competitive advantages where we transform the totality of a tour into emotionally rich experiences. Emotional tours consist of activities which include the performing arts, visual arts, agritourism activities, wellbeing activities and joining local religious and cultural events. […]

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Emotional Travel: A new concept

Emotional Travel: bridge1

How the idea of “Emotional Travel” came to be and why is unique   How Emotional Travel was born Working for many years as a CFO in one of the largest hotels in Greece specializing in luxury mass tourism (Sani Resort), endowed me with a great deal of knowledge. This knowledge is about “what luxury […]

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