We are unique like you!

We have designed a unique path to guide you through  authentic Greek culture and well being. Our main goal is to equip our guests with memories that will last a lifetime. We organize ultra all inclusive travel experiences in Greek continental regions that combine all the following.

Hiking tour Zagori. Emotional travel

Unique hiking tours through breathtaking Greek continental scenery

Meteora tour. Emotional travel

Novel cultural tours with narratives from experts and talented storytellers.

emotional activities. emotional travel

Vibrant multicultural activities  designed to trigger hidden emotions 

gastronomy tour. emotional travel

Delicious introduction to  local Greek gastronomy & philosophy of a good life

hospitality. emotional travel (2)

Alternative, luxurious ultra all-inclusive hospitality picked with 12 strict criteria

Who can participate?

Emotional travel tours are designed for adults  who dare to transform their senses into emotions. Our artistic director is responsible for creating scenarios inspired by the rich Greek history, culture, myths and legends; tours are intended for those who want to:

  • Experience the true Greek culture
  • Actively participate in a journey through history
  • Learn in action local stories and myths
  • Express themselves and feel free from the bonds of modern life
  • Explore the secret gems of local gastronomy
  • Meet with people who consider art and aesthetics as an integral part of life
  • Feel in contact with nature and one’s inner self
  • Expand personal horizons and invest in personal development
  • Discover true Greek hospitality, away from crowded tourist attractions

Why should I choose Emotional travel experience?

Simply, because we are the best at what we do. If you are seeking to build a treasury of memories deep in your heart forever, Emotional Travel is for you.

The best travel experience you can find in continental Greece. Organized by top Greek experts in their field, who used this secret traveling path for their own joy, before they decided to share it with you.

Under the guidance of our artistic director, you will be using scenarios inspired from the rich Greek mythology, history and traditions of the places we visit.  

Placing yourself, as a protagonist in this exciting journey, you will able to find a myth in every step, a symbol in every legend ; a chance to awaken your senses and your inner self. That way, you will be able to feel the sense of each place, not just the image of it.