General Questions

A: “Luxury” for us means chiefly authenticity, uniqueness, respectfulness, responsibility and nobility, adorned by slight elegant doses of materialism, and manifested primarily through “art” which triggers experiences transformed into emotions, and furthermore stimulating hidden feelings to be released. (Emotions play out in the theater of the body. Feelings play out in the theater of the mind).
We are proud of owning the ingredients needed, such as passion, inspiration, experience, professionalism, credibility and skilfulness, to offer you the “luxury” state of art we deeply believe in.

For all of us, Cultural travel is about having social time together in an atmosphere of laughter, curiosity and fun. It’s about telling stories, singing songs,  enjoying life. It’s about learning each other’s traditions and cultural ways and breaking down misunderstandings and cultural barriers. Cultural travel is always about trying to find new and fresh ideas of how to communicate and grow together in harmony.

A: It depends on your request. Throughout the tour, our guests will be accompanied by our hiking guide, a tour guide and our artistic director. They are all well trained to address any  issue arizen, but if you feel like your issue wasn’t solved, you can always address to the  team leader who always escorts our tours. He would be more than happy to help you, anyway he can.

Walking tours

A: Maximum 10h including transfers (from 8:00 to 18:00)

A: We are afraid not. Regarding children, our booking policy clarifies that they should be able to follow the whole program. If, for any reason, they do not wish to participate and stay in the guest house, it is your own responsibility to decide who will accommodate them.

A: There are plenty of options, depending on the season and the place we are allocated! All you have to do, is ask your tour leader. He will provide you with some great recommendations.

A: Sure. You are free to choose the programs you like and exclude others. However, since you have read our booking policy, you consent that there will be no refund, in the amount paid for the tour.

A: Unfortunately no, at least for now. This is due to lack of Greek legislation, that is not able to guarantee full trained and trusted support systems for the special needs community in the tours we organize.

Hospitality| Accommodation

A: Generally yes. Especially in the guest-houses and during transportation, you will not find any particular problem of connectivity. Yet, in some special mountain itineraries, we might face connection issues. In these cases, our staff uses special communication equipment (long range/distance Walkie Talkie system), capable of assisting you when necessary.

A: We have predicted a single room on your behalf. Yet, if you wish to share a room with another participant, you have to send us a written notice  through email, maximum within 30 days before the departure date. If there is another participant interested in sharing a room, we will let you know as soon as possible. Our notice will include any available price reduction in order for you to decide.

A: We fully cover your choice. In any place we visit or stay, vegetarian diet is included in our menus.

A: Most members of our team are true pet lovers (and owners). Yet, we have decided not to allow pets to participate in our tours for two main reasons. The demanding nature of the tours, that would in some cases make pets suffer and the possible annoyance of your travel companions who are afraid of animals.

We hope one day though, to be able to organize tailor made tours just for pet owners.


A: There are 14 certified European paths. The only “certified” trail in Greece is the “Menalon Trail”, 75 km long! However, the paths that we walk on, have all the required standards, such as maintenance, compliance with all environmental regulations, marking, easy and fast road access, etc. In particular, the path to the Enipeas canyon at Mount Olympus constitutes part of the European Mountaineering E4.


A: Our guests are served local products, produced by local farmers, always depending on the season. It is our priority to seek these products to be organic as well, wherever possible.

A: We exluded short term tours from our schedule, in order to be consistent to our unique concept. Short-term tours do not fit into the experiences we have planned to offer you.


A: Yes, we have already predicted alternative actions, equal to those initially planned. You can find more on our “Terms & Conditions” page or you can always contact one of our representatives.